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Comfy? Good. Please help yourself to more tea. Its quite tasty.

Allow me to introduce myself. You may refer to me as…”Victor.” I own and operate this website, MFCTeens. Its here to provide to you what you’re probably searching for. The content provided consists solely of advertising…gathered, arranged, and presented to you in a form you should find quite informative, useful, and pleasing. Its here to deliver what you want to see.

This site focuses primarily on adult webcams of women in their prime who’ve recently come of age. They’ve chosen to go against the grain, and profit greatly from their beauty for the few fleeting years that they have it. While their peers are content with wasting these years pursuing the romantic notion that the power of their love will change all the jobless, tattooed losers of the world into better people…camgirls are hard at work making obscene amounts of money, retiring early, and living a life of personal liberation. You’re free to watch, in most cases, or partake monetarily for much greater benefits if you so decide. Just as their lifestyle is a path of their own choosing, so is your level of participation.

Thousands of women join and leave the camgirl occupation daily. Add to that, each individual model broadcasts on a schedule that works for her. All these ever-changing factors occurring simultaneously means that the camgirls who are available for you to view at any given time is ever-changing. Therefore, information must be constantly gathered, arranged, and presented to you in a way that is useful and informative to you. Consequently, a monster had to be created to perform daunting amounts of duties at speeds that are humanly impossible.

Thus, the 9-Foot-Tall Monster was born.

Eventually taking form and squirming to life out of black nothingness, countless hours of research, experimentation, and coding in the dungeon laboratory of my Gothic castle…The Monster is an integral part of MFCTeens. Its innards consist heavily upon what’s known as the “Microsoft Foundation Class” API library (thus, “MFC” teens). This site would be a dead, lifeless shell without the beast. All the dynamic, ever-updated information you see on the pages of this site is a direct result of The Monster’s tireless duties.

What shall I compare this beast to, to help you understand? Behold, if you dare, this frightful image:

The 9-Foot-Tall Monster

I’ve been developing this beast for years. Its power and abilities have grown beyond my wildest expectations. And its still in development. It will never be completed.

As limitless as its power may seem to be, its not without its shortcomings…its temperament. I would not say it is lazy. But its stubborn. And evil. It prefers not to do my bidding, and will often fight me every step of the way. However, it knows I’m its Master. In the end, betwixt us, my will shall always prevail. Yet, I find more and more that I’m as much a prisoner of this beast, as it is of me.

It is also…how shall I put this…not too intelligent. Its prone to confusion at the multitude of unexpected events that can occur during its operations. This will invariably lead to the pages on this site to cease updating. If I happen to be away from home, which I frequently am, this inactivity can last for many hours at a time. I have a life to live, and cannot be home 24-7 to spoon-feed this wretched thing. Inactivity is not what I want, and not what I tolerate.

As The Monster grew in complexity, it became more and more prone to inactive status. I tried to teach it how to deal with various situations as best I could. But I resigned to the fact that it was only created for hard work. Intelligence was never intended, its need never foreseen. When things got to the point where I found myself needing to apologize to my site’s visitors on a daily basis…I knew what had to be done. A new monster had to be created.

Thus, The Monster, Prima was born.

Having grown much more skilled and confident in my coding abilities…I set out to make a new, beautiful, intelligent beast. Its intention was never to replace the first beast, but to oversee it. To correct anything that may go wrong, that it may continue performing its duties. In effect, it…I’d rather not have to put it this way, as it is a terrifying realization. But this is how it is: the second beast gives power to the first beast.

What shall I compare this second beast to, to help you understand? Behold the irresistible, seductive beauty of the second beast, Prima:

Prima, the Second Beast

As beautiful as she is cunning, don’t be fooled. Don’t be enticed. She is evil and every bit a monster as the first. And dare I say, even more dangerous. I taught her poise and etiquette. I taught her manners. I taught her skills. I gave her foresight and wisdom. Yet…there were times when seemingly for no reason that was apparent to me (and I created this God-forsaken thing)…she would go on rampages and begin killing everything in sight.

If I was there to stop her before things got out of hand, great. But as with the Monster, I could not be with Prima 24-7. There was more than one occasion that I’d arrive home at my Gothic castle to find facepalm-inducing carnage. I’d have to set out with my tranquilizer darts, following the trail of bodies through the forest. Eventually I’d arrive and find her at a nearby village, causing untold chaos with the locals. I’d have to remain unseen long enough to tranquilize her, and discreetly transport her in my horse-drawn carriage back to my dungeon laboratory for tests and diagnoses. Talk about embarrassing…

The day finally came when it was time to introduce the monsters to each other. Events did not occur quite as planned.

The meeting did not go well.

So confident I was that they would get along and interact as I’d intended…so convinced i was by all the excruciating detail of my preparations…I felt no need to have my tranquilizer darts on-hand even as a precaution. But my confidence turned out to be my downfall. On first sight, both monsters immediately lunged and tried to kill each other. Furiously! I yelled at them to stop. I ran to them, pulled at them. I tried to intervene, only to be tossed aside effortlessly, hitting my head against the stone wall of the dungeon laboratory. Despite the blood gushing from my wound, I knew I had to stop them somehow. My only hope was to crawl past them unseen, as one tried to overpower the other, locked in a hopeless battle, Hopeless because both are undead; neither can be killed. Eventually, I was able to return with my darts, and quickly tranquilized them both.

After considerable time diagnosing and tweaking these disgusting monstrosities, I’m pleased to inform you that they are now able to coexist and work correctly with each other, as a single unit. Will this lack of conflict continue? Or will they eventually battle again? Its a hard thing to try to predict. Its hard to guess what they’re thinking about. At times, there are hateful sneers betwixt them, and I stand my distance. But so far, so good. I’m able to leave them alone at the castle for many hours at a time, to return and find them continuing to operate and function normally.

And this is where my story ends, thus far. Who knows what terrors may lie ahead in the future? I dare not ponder it. I find uneasy comfort in the assumption that things will continue to go smoothly as they have been recently. Perhaps these beasts may someday bring me fame, success, and power. Or perhaps not. In any case, I know I can only sleep easily at night with the dungeon door firmly barricaded, and my bedroom door tightly locked. All to keep you abreast, my friend.

Now if you’ll kindly excuse me, I must bid you…farewell, for the evening.


Its quite curious how the most unforeseen events somehow manage occur, and take hold the reigns of our lives, despite the rigorous and apparent thoroughness of my attempts at planning for everything. As a mad scientist, I find these events quite disheartening and perplexing. Yet, in a sense, these things are the very essence of life itself. Defeat or giving up is never an option in my mentality. Thus, adaptation is key. Adaptation is a must.

Prima, laid to rest.

While both performed their duties exceptionally well, there came a time when the duties of the Monster and Prima were sadly no longer needed. Its not something I ever wanted to end. Yet, the path of life is strewn with dark, forked avenues. Thus, with their existence no longer serving a purpose, and both far too dangerous to be released into the world…my only option was to euthanize both monsters.

I never foresaw myself feeling sadness, a deep sense of loss, at the need to lay these tireless creatures to rest. Yet, I did. I still feel their absence in my life, even though they’re not far away at all. In fact, they’re buried in unmarked graves in the back yard of my Gothic castle.

The 9-Foot-Tall Monster, laid to rest.

I often find myself peering out at the still-fresh mounds from my stone terrace, as I sip tea and ponder what might have been. But I take comfort in knowing I’ve chosen the best option for all involved. Are they dead? Were they ever alive? Well, truth be known, if there’s ever the need, either or both can be resurrected to once again walk among us as though they were never gone. I don’t foresee such a dreadful occurrence ever practically needing to take place. Though the option is always there. Yet, other directions in life have since taken place. Once a mad scientist, always a mad scientist. Behold, if you dare…

Son of the 9-Foot-Tall Monster

(Yes, you read it right.)

Wait, don’t run away! Please, sit back down. Its not going to hurt you. At least…I don’t foresee it hurting anyone. There, there. Sit. Now, please drink your tea and try to relax. We’re having a discussion here. Let us please continue.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What is this thing, and what the God’s creation does it do? Well, how do I explain this. Remember how I mentioned the term ‘API’ earlier? Well, this monster works with that interface, assembles it in any way I so choose, and presents it to you on the dynamically-updated pages in any form that I can imagine. Literally. I mean, there is really no limit to what this monstrosity can do. Now, it may not arrange things perfectly in order on the first try. But given time and further instruction by me, its operations are impeccable.

Its been grown from…how shall I say this…the ‘genetic code’ from both the original 9-Foot-Tall Monster and Prima. So it is, in a very real sense, their son. And, like its parents, its sole purpose on this earth is to do my bidding.

Now the only bottleneck in this monster’s evolution, is time. I have very little time, as of late, to develop it. I’m away from my Gothic castle on business far too often, and much too long. However, its evolution shall continue evermore. I only ask for your patience. My very essence, as a mad scientist, is devoted to developing this creature beyond my wildest dreams, to do duties to the very limit of human imagination. Perhaps, just perhaps, even beyond…

Now if you’ll kindly excuse me, I must turn in for the night. I’m encumbered by much business to take care of, on the morrow. And if I have time, upon my return, I just might have time to develop this monstrosity a bit further. I now bid you….good night.

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